Sports First Aid

Prompt and appropriate Sports First Aid can have an extreme impact on the time an athlete might take to recover from an injury. ABC Paramedic Services and First Aid training supply Sports First Aid Courses which provide those involved in sporting activities with the necessary knowledge to deal with the type of injuries and emergencies that can occur during such activities.


This course is suitable for trainers, coaches and referees and anybody who deals with sporting activities and requires knowledge of Sports First Aid.

The course, tailored to suit the audience, includes both theoretical knowledge and practical sessions, delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere designed to get everyone participating, enjoying themselves, and most importantly, providing them with the confidence to cope in an emergency situation.


  • Asthma
  • the role of the first aide
  • bleeding
  • bone, muscle, and joint injuries
  • burns and scalds
  • chest pains
  • choking
  • communication and casualty care
  • emergencies in public
  • head injury
  • extremes of heat and cold
  • primary survey
  • resuscitation
  • sprains and strains
  • the unconscious casualty

For more information and booking this course, please contact ABC Paramedic Services and First Aid Training on 0131 335 3411 or 07947 800 006


All our courses are delivered and assessed by our HPC registered Paramedics, resulting in First Aid certification


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